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This page includes a series of memes and questions in both png and pptx form to insert within presentations to engage students or staff members.

Audience/Setting: Prospective STEM discipline teachers (High School, undergraduate, graduate, alum).

Time: Each png or pptx piece should be about 2-5 min long.

Synopsis: Each meme/question features a fun topic in STEM or teaching that is created to engage students and have them question their own answers or have a laugh.

PNG Download: Rate-thier-lives.png

PPTX Download: Rate-thier-lives.pptx

PNG Download: Loan-forgiveness.png

PPTX Download: Loan-forgiveness.pptx

PNG Download: Flexible-summers.png

PPTX Download: Flexible-summers.pptx

PNG Download: Salary.png

PPTX Download: Salary.pptx

PNG Download: Jobs-anywhere.png

PPTX Download: Jobs-anywhere.pptx

PNG Download: Lasting-impression.png

PPTX Download: Lasting-impression.pptx

PNG Download: STEM-teachers.png

PPTX Download: STEM-teachers.pptx

PNG Download: Schedule.png

PPTX Download: Schedule.pptx

PNG Download: Creative-freedom.png

PPTX Download: Creative-freedom.pptx

PNG Download: Pay-parody.png

PPTX Download: Pay-parody.pptx

PNG Download: Masters-degree.png

PPTX Download: Masters-degree.pptx

PNG Download: Make-a-difference.png

PPTX Download: Make-a-difference.pptx

PNG Download: Autonomy.png

PPTX Download: Autonomy.pptx

PNG Download: Coaching-and-Clubs.png

PPTX Download: Coaching-and-Clubs.pptx

PNG Download: Job-satisfaction.png

PPTX Download: Job-satisfaction.pptx

PNG Download: Live-longer.png

PPTX Download: Live-longer.pptx

PNG Download: Respect.png

PPTX Download: Respect.pptx

PNG Download: Retirement.png

PPTX Download: Retirement.pptx

PNG Download: Same-degree.png

PPTX Download: Same-degree.pptx

PNG Download: Students-of-Color.png

PPTX Download: Students-of-Color.pptx

PNG Download: Atom.png

PPTX Download: Atom.pptx

PNG Download: Boat-race.png

PPTX Download: Boat-race.pptx

PNG Download: Boiling-water.png

PPTX Download: Boiling-water.pptx

PNG Download: Bowling.png

PPTX Download: Bowling.pptx

PNG Download: Burger.png

PPTX Download: Burger.pptx

PNG Download: Chem-joke.png

PPTX Download: Chem-joke.pptx

PNG Download: Dino-Puke.png

PPTX Download: Dino-Puke.pptx

PNG Download: Einstein-Space-Time.png

PPTX Download: Einstein-Space-Time.pptx

PNG Download: Einstein.png

PPTX Download: Einstein.pptx

PNG Download: Existential.png

PPTX Download: Existential.pptx

PNG Download: Fat-Bear.png

PPTX Download: Fat-Bear.pptx

PNG Download: Fission.png

PPTX Download: Fission.pptx

PNG Download: Fresh-Breath.png

PPTX Download: Fresh-Breath.pptx

PNG Download: Half-full.png

PPTX Download: Half-full.pptx

PNG Download: Moon-jokes.png

PPTX Download: Moon-jokes.pptx

PNG Download: One-Vanish.png

PPTX Download: One-Vanish.pptx

PNG Download: Photon.png

PPTX Download: Photon.pptx

PNG Download: Rainbows.png

PPTX Download: Rainbows.pptx

PNG Download: Rusty-Nail.png

PPTX Download: Rusty-Nail.pptx

PNG Download: Square-Roots.png

PPTX Download: Square-Roots.pptx

PNG Download: Tan-Gent.png

PPTX Download: Tan-Gent.pptx

PNG Download: Teachers-in-a-Room.png

PPTX Download: Teachers-in-a-Room.pptx

PNG Download: Trees.png

PPTX Download: Trees.pptx

PNG Download: A-mean-o-Acid.png

PPTX Download: A-mean-o-Acid.pptx

PNG Download: Dino-Physics.png

PPTX Download: Dino-Physics.pptx

PNG Download: Physics-definition.png

PPTX Download: Physics-definition.pptx

PNG Download: Pumpkin-Pi.png

PPTX Download: Pumpkin-Pi.pptx

PNG Download: Solution.png

PPTX Download: Solution.pptx

PNG Download: Tangerine.png

PPTX Download: Tangerine.pptx

Download All Memes and Questions (PNG): Memes And Questions

Download All Memes and Questions (PPTX): Memes And Questions