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A user-friendly toolkit
for changing the conversation
around teaching science and math

Get the Facts Out is an NSF funded project to change the conversation around STEM teacher recruitment.

The nation needs more secondary math and science teachers. Research shows that nearly half of STEM majors have an interest in becoming a teacher. The U.S. public has strong perceptions about teaching as a career. Many of these perceptions are not based on fact and are actually misperceptions or myths about the profession.

This toolkit will help you get the facts out.

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Recruiting resources: Posters, flyers, slides, and more…

Find resources for different disciplines, resources that are ready to download and use, also resources that are easily customizable to your local context. These are resources that we’ve tested over several years, based on research into student views of the profession.

Facts and Data about STEM teaching

Find user-friendly information to share with faculty and students.
Learn about the research behind the resources on this site.

Find out what’s happening in your region

Local contacts, workshops in your area, how to find local data in your discipline.

Get involved in Get the Facts Out

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