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Teachers rate their lives better
than all other occupation groups,
trailing only physicians

Did you know…

Teachers in the United States rate their lives better than all other occupation groups, trailing only physicians.

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Mid-career teacher salaries range between $60K and $100K.

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Most teaching jobs have better retirement benefits than other jobs you can get with the same degree.

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There are student loan forgiveness programs and scholarships for math and science teachers.

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You can get a job almost anywhere in the U.S. or abroad as a science or math teacher.

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Behind every advance in medicine or technology is a teacher who left a lasting impression.

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How to Become a Teacher

Explore the Teaching Profession… Learn about teacher life satisfaction, salaries, and various other benefits of the profession. Find a certification program near you.

How to Recruit New Teachers

Recruiting Resources: Posters, Flyers, Slides and more… Find resources for different STEM disciplines that are easily customizable to your local context. These are user-tested, research-based resources designed to share with either students or faculty/staff.

Facts and Data

Find facts about the teaching profession in the U.S. along with the data that supports these facts. Learn about the research behind the resources on this site.

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