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Test Your Knowledge

How to Become a Teacher

How much do you really know about the teaching profession?

How do you think teachers rate their lives compared to other types of professionals?
What percentage of STEM students expressed some level of interest when asked the following question: “How interested are you in becoming a middle or high school teacher?”
Do grade 7-12 teachers have student loan forgiveness programs available to them?
What fraction of grade 7-12 teachers remain in the profession at year 5?
What is the average age of K-12 teacher retirement in the U.S.?
What is the typical starting pay for math, physics and chemistry graduates in the U.S. with a bachelor’s degree in their first permanent job?
What is the typical mid-career (15 years) salary for grade 7-12 teachers?
What fraction of teachers somewhat agree or strongly agree with the statement “I am treated with respect by students and parents?"
What fraction of teachers report having control over what and how they teach?
What single factor has the biggest impact on student learning?