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A GFO Champion is anyone who shares facts about the teaching profession by using the materials and messages from the GFO project locally or nationally.


A collage of headshots of 42 of GFO's champions.

Here is a list of current GFO Champions.

Benefits of registering as a GFO Champion:

  • Join a community of Champions and get support in sharing the facts nationally and locally
  • Be able to list this effort on your CV and on your end-of-year your faculty evaluations
  • Be able to log activities and earn points towards different Champion levels
  • Appear on the GFO Map and the website (optional).

Register your Activities

Once you are registered as a Champion, you can log your GFO related activities!
Each activity you log qualifies for a specific number of points that you can earn towards your GFO Champion status which is displayed on the map.

We would love to hear about any work you’ve done to share GFO activities and messages.  This helps us with our reporting to NSF and it also helps us learn about all the great strategies you’ve used to share the facts.

Points needed for Champion Status

StatusPoints Needed
ChampionJust Register!
1-Star Champion10 Points
2-Star Champion25 Points
3-Star Champion50 Points

Wondering where to start?

Check out our step-by-step guide to getting started with GFO & all of our resources.

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Points associated with various GFO activities

ActivityPoints Earned
Faculty Presentation/Workshop "Teaching: The Best Kept Secret"5 Points
Student Presentation "Busting Myths About the Teaching Profession"4 Points
Attend official GFO talk at a conference, webinar, orientation 4 Points
Stop by GFO table at conference 2 Points
Attend GFO virtual coffee chat or other event 2 points
Customize and share GFO Poster , Brochure or Teacher's Life by the Numbers Infographic with local branding and contact info4 points
Share GFO poster, brochure or Teacher's Life by the Numbers Infographic2 Points
Customize and share the GFO Flyer template with local program info4 Points
Research and share local teacher salary & retirement data4 Points
Requested and share local teacher salary & retirement data from GFO Central1 Point
Customize and share Data Handouts with local teacher salary & retirement data (download from presentation webpages)4 points
Share Data Handouts (download from presentation webpages)2 Points
Other conference presentation/ paper/ poster containing GFO content 5 Points
Conversation with a student or faculty member sharing GFO facts3 Points
Collect PTaP and/or PTaP.HE data3 Points
Share GFO-related content by email 2 points
Share GFO website with student or colleague 2 points
Share GFO video with student or colleague 2 points
Share GFO related content on social media1 Point
Publish blog article with GFO content 5 Points
Create your own webpage sharing GFO content 5 Points
Create your own audio or video product containing GFO content5 Points
Create educational aide or curricula using GFO content 5 Points
Journal or juried conference paper containing GFO content 5 Points
Write your own book or book chapters containing GFO content 5 Points

Key features of “Sharing the Facts”

What are the intended outcomes for “Sharing the Facts”?

  • Your audience will notice and understand messages related to Get the Facts Out.
  • Your audience will have positive attitudes toward teaching as a profession.
  • Your audience will engage in conversations with trusted others (peers, faculty, advisors, champion) to process ideas about teaching as a profession.

What should “Sharing the Facts” look like?

  • Addresses multiple stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, advisors, local teachers, etc.).
  • Reaches large numbers of stakeholders from within each audience.
  • Uses tested messages and resources from Get the Facts Out.
  • Uses multiple strategies and modalities (e.g. personal conversations, presentations, workshops, posters, flyers).
  • Uses multiple venues (e.g. classrooms, student groups, faculty meetings, etc.).

What should you do as a GFO Champion?

  • Actively seek out opportunities to share information about teaching as a profession.
  • Identify locally relevant data about teaching as a profession and update the Get the Facts Out materials.
  • Avoid voicing misperceptions about teaching as a profession.
  • Habitually correct misperceptions about teaching as a profession when others voice them, based on available facts.
  • Habitually share the positive aspects of teaching as a profession that are supported by data rather than anecdotes.
  • Seek to further your learning by engaging in the Get the Facts Out national community.