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How Do Teacher Retirement Plans Work?

Drew Isola | August 28, 2020

If you are thinking about becoming a teacher, or are just starting out your career, you might be wondering how teacher retirement plans work? Hopefully this article will give you a good overview of these plans and give you a chance to make some retirement estimates for your state or the states where you might be interested in teaching.

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The Top 3 Reasons Science and Math Students Want to Become Teachers

Jared B. Breakall, Ph.D. | August 13, 2020

I first discovered my passion for teaching in a general chemistry class I had at community college.  Our instructor gave us an assignment where we needed to choose a chemistry topic that we were interested in and then teach that topic to the rest of the class. As I struggled to learn thermochemistry well enough to teach it to my classmates, I feel like it “clicked” for the first time. With my newfound understanding, I was then able to share my excitement about the subject with others. 

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