GFO has reached about 20,000 people since 2018, with Champions leading the pack in outreach to students.

Get the Facts Out uses presentations, workshops, and marketing to reach students and faculty with the facts about teaching. In estimating the project reach since 2018, I find an impressive reach to about 20,000 people. As GFO external evaluator, I recently pulled together a large data set of the project impacts to date; this is post 1 of 3 about what I’ve found in those analyses.

About 10,000 students and faculty have engaged in GFO workshops and presentations.

When counting the reported estimated reach of all GFO activities by GFO staff, Change Agents, and Champions, approximately 6,500 students and 3,000 faculty have engaged in workshops or presentations. An additional ~12,000 students and faculty have been touched by broader outreach efforts (e.g. emails, posters, videos, and publications) based on registered activities. Additionally, on surveys, approximately ¾ of those aware of GFO have attended a workshop, showing that many faculty have engaged in deep learning about GFO. These numbers are only the reach that has been reported by the workshop presenters and are certainly an under-estimate.

GFO Champions are expanding GFO’s reach, especially to student audiences.

In the last year, Champions conducted more student presentations (93) than Change Agents or GFO staff combined. These Champion presentations have reached ~2,200 students (and ~4,000 since 2019).

Most people learn of GFO through word of mouth, conferences, and email, showing that these outreach mechanisms are effective. The GFO Change Agents are helping in this work: In 2022, Change Agents reported 114 activities, reaching 300 faculty and 400 students.

Overall, these results are very impressive, and show the potential for a networked project like GFO, with Change Agents and Champions engaged in sharing the messages.

You can find GFO presentation slides and the other resources mentioned here on GFO’s Recruiting Resources page.

Stephanie Chasteen is the GFO External Evaluator. She is a Ph.D. Physicist who creates college educational reform through effective communication and support of research-based instructional techniques. Chasteen possess over 10 years’ experience in communication and education, plus persistence, organization and creative passion. As a physicist, education researcher, writer, and “academic at large,” Chasteen provides quality work on a wide variety of STEM educational projects.