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Presentation for Students

Busting Myths about the Teaching Profession

Audience/setting: Prospective STEM discipline teachers (undergraduate, graduate, alum). Appropriate for either a virtual or face-to-face setting.

Time: 15-30 minutes

Synopsis: This resource includes interactive presentation materials (PowerPoint slides and handouts) designed to facilitate discussion with students who may or may not be interested in teaching themselves, in a variety of contexts.

Toolkit materials

Use these materials during an interactive presentation such as an information session about careers, in a major or non-major course, a student club meeting, or a recruitment event.

Busting myths about the teaching profession - 30 minutes

Customizable PowerPoint Interactive Presentation

(2.52 MB)

Busting myths about the teaching profession - 15 minutes

Customizable Interactive Presentation. 15 minutes is effective but 30 minutes is ideal

(2.14 MB)

Satisfaction, loan forgiveness, and retirement

Editable Microsoft Word

(551.65 KB)

Teacher salaries

Editable Microsoft Word

(170.96 KB)

Teacher salaries

PDF file

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Presentation Reflection Form

PDF form that can be saved to your records and/or submitted to GFO

(1.27 MB)

Editing the powerpoint


Steps to doing a presentation Checklist

  1. Pre-register your presentation
  2. Find local teacher salary data (or ask GFO to mine your data below) and modify the presentation 
  3. Look through the presentation. There are notes under each slide with explanations and suggestions
  4. Add slides at the end about your program 
  5. Log your activity and register as a GFO Champion if you have not already done so
  6. Go Get the Facts Out!

To request that the GFO team mine data for your local, first please register as a GFO Champion, then fill out the following: 

Teacher Salary Data Request

Key Features to an Effective Interactive Presentation


  • 5 - 30 minutes in class 
  • 15 - 30 minutes club meetings, information session, ice cream social, residence life… (complete list is on the How to Reach Students page)

What are the intended outcomes of this presentation?

  • The audience will have positive attitudes towards teaching as a profession.
  • The audience will engage in ideas about teaching as a profession after the workshop (e.g., by reflecting, sharing, engaging in conversation).
  • The audience will feel better prepared to make an informed choice about their career options, including teaching.

What should a presentation look like?

  • The key message of Get the Facts Out is emphasized: Teachers in the U.S. rate their lives better than all other occupation groups, trailing only physicians.
  • Accurate information about teaching as a profession is provided, including life satisfaction, salary, retirement, student loan forgiveness.
  • Comparison to industry and college faculty is provided.
  • Information on teacher salaries and retirement have been updated with local data.

What should you do as a presenter?

  • Create a safe and fun space for students to engage, from the start.
  • Share the positive aspects of teaching as a profession that are supported by data.
  • Avoid voicing misperceptions about teaching as a profession.
  • If students express misperceptions about teaching as a profession, provide fact-based corrections.
  • Avoid providing airtime for anecdotal aspects of teaching as a profession (which are often negative and not supported by data).