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GFO Champion

Become a GFO Champion

A GFO Champion is anyone who shares facts about the teaching profession by using the materials and messages from the GFO project locally or nationally.

By registering as a GFO Champion you will:

  • Appear on the GFO Map
  • Be listed on the website
  • Be able to log activities and earn points towards different Champion levels
  • Be able to list this effort on your CV and on your end-of-year your faculty evaluations 

Register Here

Log your activity 

Once you are registered, you can log your GFO related activities! 

Each activity you log qualifies for a specific number of points that you can earn towards your GFO Champion status which is displayed on the map.

Log a GFO Activity Here

Points needed for Champion Status
Status Points Needed
Champion Just Register!
1-Star Champion 10 Points
2-Star Champion 25 Points
3-Star Champion 50 Points
Points associated with various GFO activities
Activity Points Earned
Research local teacher salary & retirement data 4 Points
Faculty Presentation/Workshop 5 Points
Student Presentation 4 Points
Conversation with a student sharing information from the GFO materials 3 Points
Conversation with a faculty member sharing information from the GFO materials 3 Points
Customize and use the GFO Flyer template 4 Points
Share GFO poster 2 Points
Share GFO brochure 2 Points
Collect PTaP and/or PTaP.HE data 3 Points
Share GFO related content on social media 1 Point

Key features of "Sharing the Facts"

What are the intended outcomes for “Sharing the Facts”?

  • Your audience will notice and understand messages related to Get the Facts Out.
  • Your audience will have positive attitudes toward teaching as a profession.
  • Your audience will engage in conversations with trusted others (peers, faculty, advisors, champion) to process ideas about teaching as a profession.

What should “Sharing the Facts” look like?

  • Addresses multiple stakeholders (students, faculty, staff, advisors, local teachers, etc.).
  • Reaches large numbers of stakeholders from within each audience.
  • Uses tested messages and resources from Get the Facts Out.
  • Uses multiple strategies and modalities (e.g. personal conversations, presentations, workshops, posters, flyers).
  • Uses multiple venues (e.g. classrooms, student groups, faculty meetings, etc.).

What should you do as a GFO Champion?

  • Actively seek out opportunities to share information about teaching as a profession.
  • Identify locally relevant data about teaching as a profession and update the Get the Facts Out materials.
  • Avoid voicing misperceptions about teaching as a profession.
  • Habitually correct misperceptions about teaching as a profession when others voice them, based on available facts.
  • Habitually share the positive aspects of teaching as a profession that are supported by data rather than anecdotes.
  • Seek to further your learning by engaging in the Get the Facts Out national community.