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Recruiting Resources


Thinking About Teaching?

Audience/setting: Students in introductory math and science courses/personal conversations with students.

Time: 15 minutes to print

Synopsis: Use this brochure to engage students in deeper conversation about considering a career in secondary math or science teaching.


  • Download and edit the brochure template.
  • Engage students one-on-one with the brochure as a discussion piece. If you feel comfortable, as students discuss their perceptions of teaching, share the information in the brochure with them.
  • This brochure can be used as a conversation-starter or as a take-away for a student to ponder after a discussion. Pin up multiple brochures in the classroom or hallway near a “Teach Science/Math! Inspire Young Minds” poster or leave some out in the department office or waiting area.
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Toolkit materials

Download and edit the brochure template. Use this as a discussion piece to engage students in one-on-one conversations.

"Thinking about teaching chemistry?"

Customizable Microsoft PowerPoint

(99.66 MB)

"Thinking about teaching math?"

Customizable Microsoft PowerPoint

(78.73 MB)

"Thinking about teaching physics?"

Customizable Microsoft PowerPoint

(78.48 MB)

"Thinking about teaching science?"

Customizable Microsoft PowerPoint

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Brochure cover

Help get the facts out about teaching by downloading a customizable brochure and distributing it to your students.

Good to know

  • Don’t hold back on just sharing the brochure with students who you think are potential to become teaching candidates. It isn’t always possible to identify who has interest, and don’t assume that teaching is an innate skill for which some students are better suited over others. Use this brochure with the intent to change perceptions, not just to recruit.
  • It is ok if you do not immediately know all the answers to the questions asked by students about teaching. Let them know that you can direct them to the right contact person who can help them, including a colleague and/or a local math or science teacher. If you still don’t know who to contact, reach out to one of these organizations.
  • Consider pinning some brochures for students to take up next to an “Teach Science/Math! Inspire young Minds” poster.