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Perceptions of Teaching as a Profession (PTaP & PTaP.HE) Survey and Analysis Tools

Audience/Setting: PTaP: Any STEM students and PTaP.HE: Any faculty, staff, or advisor

Time: 8-10 minutes to take the survey

Synopsis: Give the PTaP to assess student perceptions about grade 7-12 math and science teaching as a profession. Give the PTaP.HE to assess college/university faculty, staff and advisors’ perceptions of grade 7-12 math and science teaching as a profession.


These surveys are available on SurveyMonkey (PTaP, PTaP.HE), or use the surveys found below to enter into your own survey software, or administer hard-copy. More detail about the development and validation can be found in the pdf slide decks linked below.

Empirical Survey Categories

Through our development work and statistical analysis, we determined 11 empirical categories of students’ perceptions of teaching as a profession:

  1. Personal Enjoyment
  2. As a Career Choice
  3. Support by Others
  4. Department Values and Encourages Teaching
  5. Department Supports Me Teaching
  6. Employee Benefits and Security
  7. Teaching is Scientific
  8. Nurturer
  9. Back Up Plan
  10. All Students Can Learn
  11. I Would If…


There is an Excel spreadsheet available that can be used to score your data in these 11 categories, as well as quickly provide you the number of students who indicate that they are pursuing certification at your institution or through another route.

This data has a range of uses including identifying the number of students who would pursue teaching given correct information about the profession. The PTaP can also be used longitudinally or pre/post to monitor your efforts to get the facts out about the profession. If you are willing to share the data from your institution, contact Wendy Adams at


The factor analysis for this instrument is currently underway. Categories will be posted once this analysis is complete.

Good to know

  • These resources were developed with data from STEM undergraduates, graduates, and faculty at a range of U.S. universities.
  • This assessment can be administered online or in class. We administer it online and found students take just under 8-10 minutes on average to complete. The results can be analyzed with the PTaP Excel Analysis Tool to determine the appropriate course of action for addressing myths with students and your colleagues.