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How you can ‘Get the Facts Out’ about the teaching profession

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Please freely use any materials on this site and add your own branding and information that is unique to your program. You may modify the materials as you see fit; however, we have engaged in extensive interviews and user-testing on all pictures and wording, including taglines and “Did you know …” statements. If these are modified, we strongly recommend that you interview your program’s students and faculty to verify that the changes improve students’ view of the profession rather than diminish it. See our attribution and usage guidelines and find additional tips on the Tested Messaging page.

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Where to Start?

Wondering where to start? Check out our step-by-step guide to get some inspiration and ideas on how to begin your journey with GFO!

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Become a GFO Champion!

What is a GFO Champion? Anyone who shares the facts about teaching.

Sharing the facts includes:

  • Having a conversation with a  prospective teacher
  • Sharing a meme on Facebook
  • Using any of the tools, materials, or resources on this site for getting the facts out about teacher life satisfaction, salaries, retirement benefits and more (scroll down for links). These materials are all:
    • Research-based
    • User-tested
    • Provided in an editable format

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Test Your Knowledge

How much do you really know about the teaching profession? Test your knowledge about teacher job satisfaction, salaries, retirement benefits, and other facts.

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